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Established on the East Coast of Australia in Byron shire in 1982, Peeldale Palms, wholesale palm growers, have over the years achieved success growing palms for Australia.

Our sun hardened landscape palms are grown from seed and matured through to strong landscape stock. Specialising in 25 litre bags, a size we have identified as being both easily managed and affordable by the end user yet still presenting as established foliage.

Peeldale Palms Nursery situated only 4 kms from the Pacific highway in a little valley is positioned geographically and climatically to provide palms for both northern and southern markets. In our valley winter provides a toughening conditioner for our palms which in the early stages being unpampered develop over a period of time to full strong landscape stock.

Since 1982 we have supplied palms to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane to a variety of customers including landscape architects, resorts, retail nurseries, developers and government bodies.

Our stock range of palms includes: Alexandra, Bangalow,Chamaedorea: atroviren, microspadix,
radicallis, Carribbean Royal Palms,Wine palms, Ponytails, Fishtail palms Cayota mitis, Arenga engleri, New Caledonia red leaf Kentia, Coccothrinaxiss alta, Various Dypsis:Golden Cane, Green Cane baronii, madagascariensis, Kentia palms, Bottle palms, Spindle palms, Licuala ramsayii (Mission Beach fan), Chinese fan, Dwarf dates, Pritchardia hillerbrandii, Majestic palms, New Zealand feather duster.

We pride ourselves in producing not only bulk palm landscape lines but a wide variety of the more unusual exotics which are grown from seed to maturity.

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Peeldale Pty Ltd
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Walkers Lane, Billinudgel NSW, 2483
Phone: (02) 6684 5221   Mobile 0414845221

E-mail: palms@peeldale.com.au
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